About us

Cloud9 Staffing is specialist in Enterprise Application Recruitment. Our philosophy is based on the love for the profession. Every day we enjoy what we do and we have fun meeting the needs of our customers. Both clients and candidates will find in Cloud9 Staffing an agency that is sincere, passionate and committed to always look after the best interests of all their costumers. Because of this the name Cloud9 is derived from the American expression “I’m on cloud nine,” which can be translated into a feeling of extreme happiness or euphoria, feeling like you’re floating on air.

In the spring of 2016 Cloud9 Staffing started out from a small Amsterdam office to work on a an ambtious mission; redefining the recruitment industry.
Cloud9 founder Jeroen Goes has over 20 years’ experience within the international recruitment market. During his career he worked for recruitment companies in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Canada and the United States. Based on these experiences, he decided to set up a recruitment agency with an innovative philosophy, which is characterized by quality, service and passion for recruitment.

Cloud9 Staffing focuses on building successful, long-term relationships with clients and candidates. Excellent service and quality are linked to speed, energy and perseverance – a unique combination in the new recruitment world.

Cloud9 Staffing wants to be a different kind of recruitment agency; an agency that is not just focused on placing candidates with client, but a company that focusses on service and the recruitment experience as well. We strive to become a valued partner in the European Enterprise Applications industry. We do this by building long-term relationships with our customers, providing efficient custom-made recruitment processes, combining speed, quality and outstanding service levels.

Our values

SINCERITY is the most important value for Cloud9 Staffing. We assist all of our clients and candidates in a responsible, honest and trustworthy manner.

With help of our specific niche focus we believe in providing QUALITY. Our highly trained recruitment consultants and our latest recruitment technologies are examples of this. Everything, from our services to our office, is developed on the highest level possible and contributes to our goal to excel in every stage of our recruitment process.

To distinguish ourselves we make use of the latest recruitment technologies. INTELLIGENCE is an important VALUE within our organisation. Our consultants are specialists in their fields and Cloud9 chooses to continuously invests in training and development plans for their recruitment consultants. To stay on top of the latest recruitment developments we are able to provide our clients with the best and most innovative recruitment services the industry has to offer.

Within Cloud9 depends a competitive atmosphere. Because of this environment we are able to motivate, improve and stimulate each other to always want to become the best in what we do. Because of our AMBITION and our perseverance, we are always willing to go the extra mile for all our costumers. As a company we are we only happy when our costumers are satisfied with the service and results we provide them with.

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