Find the best Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management specialists with Cloud9 Staffing.

Excelling is our speciality


Cloud9 Staffing connects you to the world leading specialists in the field of Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management.

At Cloud9 Staffing we have specialized ourselves in what we do best: Enterprise Application Recruitment, a strong focus within a clear niche market.

We believe that this focus is essential to help our clients the best way possible. To be able to connect our clients with the best Enterprise Applications specialists we make use of the latest technological recruitment developments. On top of that we have an industry leading database base/network to our disposal which consists of many high level Enterprise Application specialists.


Niche focus in a niche market

The more our recruitment consultants focus on a specific area the faster and more efficient they can find the best specialist for our clients. Because the global field of Enterprise Applications is broad, complex and ever changing, every Cloud9 recruitment consultant focusses on one technical and one geographical area within one of the following niche markets:

• Business Intelligence

• Enterprise Resource Planning

• Customer Relationship Management

• Content Management Systems

• Supply Chain Management

• Human Capital Management


Because of this working method we are always on top of the latest market developments and are we in touch with the best specialists in the field of Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft. Cloud9 Staffing uses a strong database which provides us with a wide network of Enterprise Applications specialists.

Within these four niche markets there are a few developments that are so important that they deserve our extra attention. That’s why Cloud9 has a special team of recruitment consultants that focusses on the following niche markets:

• Enterprise Cloud

• Big Data & Analytics

• ERP on Premise

• Business Transformation


Working methods
At Cloud9 Staffing we focus on tailor made recruitment services. Every client has a unique question and that is why we believe no two recruitment processes can be the same. We value the personal touch with our clients. That is why every client gets a designated Cloud9 contact person who is informed about your file and assists you with your recruitment process from beginning to end. Your recruitment consultant is an industry specialist, easy to reach 24/7 and likes to assist you with any specific wishes.

Total solution
Because of the market focus and experience of our recruitment consultants we exactly know what the best solution is for your situation. Sometimes this will be permanent recruitment, but in some cases temporary contract recruitment will be the best solution. Because of our niche focus within a clear niche market Cloud9 consultants can make use of a world leading database/network of permanent and contract Enterprise Application specialists.

Clear processes
During the start of every recruitment process we discuss the process with our clients, so that you exactly know what you can expect form us. Based on our experience and track record the past ten years we have perfected our processes and service levels, so that we can get the best result as fast as possible for our clients.

Why Cloud9 Staffing?

Because the IT world is so broad and varied it is in our opinion impossible to become a specialist in every single IT market. That’s why at Cloud9 we have a strong focus on one specific niche market: Enterprise Application Recruitment. Within this niche market our consultants are specialised in the following sub discipline; Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management Systems, Supply Chain Management and Human Capital Management.

The largest specialist database
Cloud9 Staffing has more than 20 years’ experience in connecting employers with the worlds leading Enterprise Application specialists. Because of this we have a very large database to our disposal with the best Enterprise Applications specialists.

Passion for recruitment
Passion in our eyes is the most important requirement to be able to provide clients with a successful recruitment service and to become the best in our field. Because we love what we do and show pride in what we do, we are always able to go the extra mile for our all our clients. We love to assist our clients with persistency, creativity and a lot of enthusiasm to always be able to get the best result possible for our clients.

For both constructing our database and selecting the best specialists for our clients we make use of the latest modern techniques and technologies like Big Data and innovative algorithms. For the introductions of our candidates we make use of the latest search- and matching software that is tailor-made for our procedures. This way of working has contributed to the proven successful Cloud9 recruitment processes we use today.

Speed and quality
Cloud9 Staffing has a long history and worldwide experience in Enterprise Application Recruitment. Because of our recruitment knowledge and experience that we acquired in countries like the United States, Canada, Great Britain and the Netherlands, we know what the differences in mentality and best practises are in these countries. The most positive aspects of every country we combined in the unique Cloud9 procedures that consist of a mix of quality, speed and service.

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